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Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:49

Materializing the Bronze Age: Ceramic Analysis and Social Development in the Early Aegean

Materializing the Bronze Age:

Ceramic Analysis and Social Development in the Early Aegean

Peter M. Day, Sheffield University 

TODAY, Thurs., November 14, 4:00pm
Room 66-110


What is it about people and things? Social worlds are constructed by human action on material, by repeated everyday practice, by specific 'ways of doing' in the production of crafted objects. The dawn of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean presents us with an interesting opportunity to examine changing technologies, shifting identities and the rise of specialisation in production. This is a time of great change in society, the precursor to the emergence of states and the palaces of the Minoan world.

Taking the example of Poros-Katsambas, the harbour town of Knossos on the North coast of Crete, this seminar will consider the material worlds of stone, metal and especially ceramics in the third millennium BCE. Reconstructing technologies, with an emphasis on the selection and manipulation of raw materials, employing a range of techniques from petrography through to finite element analysis, we will consider the role played by materials in the emergence of complex societies.

Through this integrated approach to a key episode of social change, the seminar contends that materials analysis, developed from an anthropologically informed perspective, is now central to any understanding of the past.

Please join us! Light refreshments will be served. 

The Materials Science and Engineering Seminar is jointly sponsored by CMSE, DMSE, and MPC.

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