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Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field of materials processing, faculty and research staff affiliated with the Center come from a range of fields beyond traditional "materials science." Specialists in chemical, electrical, mechanical, aeronautical and astronautical, civil and environmental, and nuclear engineering, as well as chemistry, biology, physics, and management, all make significant contributions. The faculty include:

Rohan Abeyaratne: non-equilibrium behavior, materials modeling, stress-induced phase transformations
A.I. Akinwande
: displays, wide-bandgap semiconductors
Samuel Allen
: shape-memory materials, 3D Printing, actuation
Lalit Anand
: deformation processing, mechanics of materials
D.A. Antoniadis
: integrated circuits, solid-state devices, nanotechnology
Ali Argon
: polymer mechanics, ceramic mechanics, composites
Robert Armstrong
: polymers, materials processing modeling
Raymond Ashoori
: quantum Hall materials, 2D electron systems, quantum dots
Marc Baldo: organic optoelectronics
Ronald Ballinger
: corrosion, refractories
George Barbastathis
: tunable optics, volume holograms, microphotonics
Moungi Bawendi
: quantum dots, microphotonics
Angela Belcher
: biomaterials, organic-inorganic interfaces
George Benedek
: biomaterials, protein aggregation
Karl Berggren: fabrication of nanometer-length-scale devices  
Daniel Blankschtein
: colloids/interfaces, biomaterials, drug delivery
Duane Boning
: semiconductors
Vladimir Bulovic
: organic optoelectronics, quantum dots, microphotonics
Oral Buyukozturk
: composites, structural materials
W. Craig Carter: modeling, microstructures
Gerbrand Ceder
: modeling, energy storage, phase stability, ionics
Carlos Cesnik
: actuators
Sylvia Ceyer
: surface interactions
Gang Chen: materials for energy
Sow-Hsin Chen
: colloids/interfaces, cement, materials modeling
Yet-Ming Chiang
: energy storage, actuators, nanotubes, biomaterials
Jung-Hoon Chun
: materials processing modeling
Michael Cima
: micron-scale assembly, drug delivery, 3D Printing, superconductors
Joel Clark
: materials processing modeling
Robert Cohen
: polymer mechanics, nanotechnology, biomaterials
Martin Culpepper
: multiscale assembly, microphotonics
Christian Degen: nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Jesus delAlamo: semiconductors, materials & devices
Patrick Doyle
: biomaterials, polymers
Mildred Dresselhaus
: photonic crystals, nanowires, nanotubes, energy storage
Thomas Eagar: materials processing modeling, joints, composites
Yoel Fink: photonic crystals, pbg fibers, biomaterials, microphotonics
Eugene Fitzgerald
: compound semiconductors, heteroepitaxy, microphotonics
Merton Flemings: metallurgy, solidification processing
Clifton Fonstad
: compound semiconductors, heterostructure devices, energy conversion
Nuh Gedik: nanostructures and interfacial molecular assemblies
Lorna Gibson: metal foams, biomaterial mechanics
Karen Gleason
: polymer mechanics, electronics packaging, coatings, microphotonics
Thomas Greytak
: ultracold atomic hydrogen
Linda Griffith
: biomaterials
Alan Grodzinsky
: biomaterials
Jeffry C. Grossman: quantum simulation
Timothy Gutowski
: materials processing modeling
Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou: materials processing modeling
Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli
: biomaterials, nanotechnology
Paula Hammond
: polyelectrolyte multilayers, liquid crystals, biomaterials, microphotonics
Jon Hart: nanomaterials, manufacturing, self-assembly, printing
T. Alan Hatton
: colloids/interfaces, separations
Linn Hobbs
: biomaterials, corrosion, radiation damage to materials
Judy Hoyt
: silicon technology, epitaxial growth, heteroepitaxy
Juejun Hu:
electronic, photonic and magnetic materials, nanotechnology, thin films
Qing Hu: terahertz devices
Ian Hunter
: biotechnology; polymers
Eric Hudson: superconductors, microscopy
Erich Ippen: bragg reflectors, ultrafast lasers, microphotonics, photonic crystals
Darrell Irvine
: biomaterials
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero: graphene nanoelectronic devices
Klavs Jensen: microchemical systems, quantum dots, biomaterials
John Joannopoulos
: photonic crystals, materials modeling, microphotonics
Franz Kaertner: lasers, microphotonics
Mehran Kardar
: non-equilibrium behavior, glasses, biomaterials
Marc Kastner
: mott insulators, single-electron transistor
John Kassakian: electronic circuits, components and systems
Sangbae Kim
:biomimetic robotics
Sang-Gook Kim: photonic beam steering, tunable optics, microphotonics
Lionel Kimerling
: photonic crystals, microphotonics, semiconductors, semiconductor processing
Randolph Kirchain
: materials processing modeling, microphotonics
Alexander Klibanov
: biocidal materials, enzymes in organic solvents
Leslie Kolodziejski
: compound semiconductors, heterostructure devices, photonic crystals, microphotonics
Jing Kong: carbon-based materials & devices
Paul Lagace: composites
Robert Langer
: biomaterials, drug delivery
Patrick Lee
: superconductors
Young S. Lee
: single-crystal materials, superconductors
Steven Leeb
: polymer gel, actuators, sensors
Leonid Levitov
: quantum dots
Nicola Marzari: modeling, nanotechnology
Jurgen Michel:
microphotonics, photonic materials, ge lasers
Leonid Mirny
: biomaterials
Jagadeesh Moodera
: magnetic materials, thin films
Keith Nelson: thin films, polaritons, spectroscopy, microphotonics
Daniel Nocera
: magnetic materials
Terry Orlando: quantum computing
Christine Ortiz
: biomaterials
Thomas Palacios:semiconductor, carbon-based materials & devices
David Parks
: polymer mechanics, composites, deformation & fracture
David Paul
: magnetic materials
Rajeev Ram: lasers, device cooling, microphotonics
Rafael Reif
: IC fabrication, semiconductors
Caroline Ross
: magnetic materials, data storage, optical materials, nanotechnology
David Roylance
: polymers, composites
Michael Rubner
: polymers, layer-by-layer assembly
Gregory Rutledge
: polymer mechanics, modeling
Donald Sadoway: electrochemical processing, energy storage
Mark Schattenburg
: nanotechnology, nanolithography
Martin Schmidt
: MEMS, microfabrication
Richard Schrock
: polymer synthesis
Christopher Schuh
: microstructural design
Steven Senturia
: MEMS, microfabrication
Yang Shao-Horn: electrochemical energy storage
Anthony Sinskey
: biopolymers, biomaterials
Henry I. Smith
: nanolithography, nanotechnology, photonic crystals, microphotonics
Marin Soljacic: nonlinear optical physics
Subra Suresh
: modeling, nanotechnology, materials mechanics
Timothy Swager
: conjugated polymers, sensors, microphotonics
Carl V. Thompson: thin films, sensors, epitaxy, IC interconnects
Senthil Todadri
: superconductors, quantum magnets, strongly correlated electrons
Harry Tuller
: sensors, ionics, micromachining, microphotonics
Franz-Josef Ulm: biomechanics modeling, composite
Alexander vanOudenaarden: biomaterials, noise, biophysics
Krystyn Van Vliet: material chemomechanics, thermodynamically metastable surfaces
Kripa K. Varanasi: quantum dots, nanomanufacturing, nanoengineering
Kazumi Wada: semiconductors, microphotonics, microphotonics
Evelyn Wang: heat and mass transport processes at the micro- and nano-scales
Brian Wardle:
composites; MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)
Xio-Gang Wen
: quantum order, superconductors
James Williams, Jr.: composites, fracture
Bernhardt Wuensch: ionics
Ioannis Yannas: biomaterials, polymers
Bilge Yildizinterface properties of both oxides and metals
Sidney YipSidney Yip: materials modeling
Markus Zahn: sensors, magnetic materials , high voltage
Shuguang Zhang: self-assembly, nanotechnology, biomaterials

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