Tuesday, 13 June 2017 11:56

2016 Summer Scholars win admission to top grad schools Featured

    University of Massachusetts, Amherst, chemical engineering major Ashley L. Kaiser will return to MIT this coming fall as a graduate student in materials science and engineering. She will join Professor Brian Wardle's research group, where she worked during summer 2016 on strengthening aerospace nanocomposites with postdoc Itai Stein SM ’13, PhD ’16. Kaiser, who was accepted to five graduate schools, was one of six to win UMass Amherst’s Rising Researcher award. Her Commonwealth Honors College thesis project focused on “Low-Temperature Graphene Growth by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition.”

    Alexandra T. Barth received a “Most Outstanding Senior” award from Florida State University, where she was part of the Honors Program. Barth will pursue a PhD in Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology. She will start as a research assistant in the fall under Dr. Theo Agapie, synthesizing metal oxide clusters and arene-supported complexes that act as chemical catalysts. “My internship last summer was vital in introducing me and providing a foundational knowledge of catalyst research, which was very different from the undergraduate research I had conducted at my own institution, and I am confident that the relationship I established with my MIT research advisor Dr. Román enabled this opportunity,” Barth says.

    Grant Smith, will begin doctoral studies at the University of Chicago Institute for Molecular Engineering as an IME Fellow working on quantum information systems and materials. Smith worked last summer to establish parameters for making ferromagnetic thin films in the Luqiao Liu lab.

    Justin Cheng will enroll this fall in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Ph.D. program. During summer 2016, Cheng worked in Professor of Electrical Engineering Karl K. Berggren’s Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication Group to develop specialized techniques for patterning gold on silicon.



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