Summer Academy gives participants intensive photonics introduction Featured

    Close to 60 joined Fundamentals of Integrated Photonics sessions at MIT.

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    Close to 60 attendees learned about foundational principles of device and circuit design, integrated process flow and manufacturing control during the AIM Photonics Summer Academy July 24-28, 2017, at MIT. Photo, Denis Paiste, Materials Processing Center

    Integrated photonics is an emerging branch of photonics in which complex photonic circuits process and transmit light signals in ways similar to the computer microchip.

    AIM Photonics Academy, an initiative of the AIM Photonics Institute (Manufacturing USA), hosted a week-long Summer Academy program in July 24-28, 2017, on the Fundamentals of Integrated Photonics at MIT. Close to 60 attendees learned about foundational principles of device and circuit design, integrated process flow and manufacturing control. They also networked with colleagues from academia and industry, met leading Electronic Photonic Design Automation vendors and reviewed their software tools, and had an introduction to packaging and testing principles in MIT’s flagship Education and Practice Factory. Throughout the week, attendees worked in collaborative teams on a design project that brought together the program’s learning objectives. They attended for a three-day focus on design or a full week, which included the manufacturing component.

    The courses covered included fundamentals, integrated photonics passive and active devices, chip process flow, fabless silicon photonics design flow and devices to systems on a chip. The instructors from MIT were Juejun Hu, Duane Boning, AIM Academy Education Director Sajan Saini and AIM Academy Executive Director Lionel Kimerling. Brett Attaway from AIM Photonics, Jifeng Liu from Dartmouth, Stefan Preble from Rochester Institute of Technology, Kevin McComber from Liberty Mutual and Milos Popovic from Boston University also presented during the week.

    “The program is an intensive introduction, one that gives our participants a core competency in understanding the new paradigm of fabless silicon photonics,” says Saini, “in addition to providing them the requisite expertise to investigate on their own the benefits of electronic-photonic integration, and to critically evaluate the different applications currently driving integrated photonics.”

    AIM Photonics Academy launched in 2016 as the education, workforce development and roadmapping arm of AIM Photonics, one of 14 public-private manufacturing innovation institutes launched as part of the 2014 Revitalize American Manufacturing Innovation Act. AIM Photonics Academy’s mission is to educate the current and future workforce in integrated photonics – technologies that will lead to the next generation of faster and more power-efficient chips. AIM Photonics Academy also leads the creation of a technology roadmap that will guide the $350 billion semiconductor industry in this new direction.