About the Materials Processing Center

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    The goals of the Materials Processing Center are to unite the materials research community at MIT and to enhance Institute-industry interactions. Collaboration on research ventures, technology transfer, continuing education of industry personnel, and communication among industrial and governmental entitites are our priorities. The MPC Industry Collegium is a major vehicle for this collaboration. The MPC sponsors seminars and workshops, as well as a summer internship for talented undergraduates from universities across the US. We encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations and provide funds management assistance to faculty.

    :: Mission ::

    The mission of the Materials Processing Center is to provide an environment where students and professionals from industry, government, and academia collaborate to identify and address pivotal multidisciplinary issues in materials processing and manufacturing in a way that creates new knowledge, produces knowledgeable people, and promotes the exchange of knowledge in the service of our nation in the context of a global community.

    :: Philosophy ::

    The MPC's philosophy focuses on an understanding of processing fundamentals to control internal structure, from the nanoscale to the macroscale, thereby optimizing a material's properties and performance. Center research covers a broad range of materials and processes via a number of common themes. Foremost among these is the control of materials structure, properties, and performance in an ecologically and economically sound manner.

    In all its activities the MPC seeks to enhance university-industry interaction. We coordinate our efforts with MIT's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

    :: History ::

    The MPC was established in 1980 as an interdisciplinary center within MIT's School of Engineering in response to a recognized national need to improve the materials processing knowledge base and streamline the process of translating materials research results into industrial innovations and applications. The Center strives to support and enhance the pool of talented materials processing students and professionals available to industry.

    The MPC builds upon MIT's history of close ties to industry. The Collegium further strengthens this link between research at the university and innovation in industry.

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