Faculty Funds Management

    We recognize that obtaining and managing funding takes a substantial amount of effort, and that assisting faculty with these tasks frees them up to do world-class research. For information on any of these contact Mark Beals at 617-253-2129 or via email at mbeals@mit.edu.

    Seed Funding for New Faculty and Initiatives

    We encourage new faculty and MIT organizations to pursue materials research by providing $5000 in seed funding for materials, lab equipment, and other expenses, for the development and marketing of significant new research initiatives. Proposals will be accepted from single investigators or teams doing materials research. Proposals can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the MPC's internal operating committee. While junior faculty are given preference, proposals from senior faculty are welcomed. 

    The intent of this initiative is to support the growth of the materials community at MIT by providing faculty with flexible working capital and marketing resources. The objective is to leverage these limited funds into substantial federal or industrial support, and to this end the MPC backs its seed funds with its directed outreach access to the industrial sector and federal funding sources. 

    The MPC staff will work with faculty to identify the scope of research interests and develop an appropriate strategy to procure funding support. This includes assistance in proposal, budget, and prospectus preparation, identification and development of potential funding sources, hosting of on-site workshops, arrangement of travel and meetings for presentations to potential sponsors, assistance in contract and budget negotiation, active interface with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), etc. We also provide assistance with development of websites, marketing brochures and video. This is in addition to the direct financial support of up to $5K. 

    Each proposal should clearly state the scope of the opportunity to be pursued, as well as the research objectives, faculty involved, and timeline. Submit proposals to Mark Beals via email at mbeals@mit.edu.

    Industrial Sponsorship

    The MPC works with faculty and members of our Industry Collegium to identify research that would benefit from industrial sponsorship. We act as a liason between you and your sponsor, working out issues such as intellectual property and contract negotiation.

    Proposals and Accounting

    We offer guidance to materials researchers in drafting proposals, submitting paperwork, and monitoring the progress of the proposal to its conclusion. We also administer the account once the proposal has been accepted. For more information contact Gil Cordova at 617-253-3217 or via email gcordova@mit.edu.

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